SHUMI Coin Privacy Statement

This privacy statement outlines SHUMI Coin’s information gathering and dissemination practices, underscoring our commitment to safeguarding user data and ensuring responsible handling of personal information.

Data Collection

SHUMI Coin operates a website and various online services to fulfill its operational objectives. We are dedicated to collecting and storing only the necessary personal data required to achieve our mission, avoiding the retention of excessive or sensitive information.

Member Databases

SHUMI Coin maintains member databases encompassing mailing, billing, and member profile details, along with records of conference registrations. Authorized officers and organization staff utilize this information to process registrations, send invoices, renewal notices, and announcements, as well as to address member inquiries. Personal data is stored securely, and standard security measures are implemented. Identity confirmation is mandatory before releasing information for web-based updates.

IP Address Logging

We record the IP addresses of computers interacting with our websites and services on our domains. This practice aids in the analysis of user interactions and ensures the security and optimization of our online platforms.

Credit Card Payments

For credit card transactions, a third-party payment processor manages payment information in accordance with its privacy policy. SHUMI Coin provides the payment processor with relevant mailing and billing details during transactions.

Data Rental and Sale

We strictly adhere to the principle of not renting or selling email addresses, postal addresses, or any personal information to third parties.

Communication Usage

Email and postal addresses may be utilized for essential SHUMI Coin operations, including communication regarding membership status, conference registrations, and SHUMI Coin elections. Occasional announcements about SHUMI Coin events may be sent to members who have not opted out. The sharing of this information with third parties supporting these operations is undertaken responsibly.

Conference Attendee Lists

A list of individuals registered for an SHUMI Coin conference is provided to attendees and members. However, attendees have the option to exclude their details from the attendee list shared with others.

External Links

SHUMI Coin’s website and communications may contain links or resources from external sites. We emphasize that we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these external websites.

This privacy statement reflects our ongoing commitment to transparency and user privacy. SHUMI Coin continuously reviews and updates its practices to align with the highest standards of data protection. Users are encouraged to revisit this statement periodically for any updates or changes. If you have concerns or inquiries about our privacy practices, please contact us.