At SHUMI Coin, we adhere to specific guidelines concerning the selection of sources, content acceptance, editorial style, and the handling of clarifications, corrections, and retractions. These principles are designed to ensure the quality and reliability of information presented on our website.


We prioritize not-for-profit sources with a scholarly or research-oriented focus, particularly those recognized in their academic communities. Our preference is to collaborate with public information officers representing institutions rather than individual researchers. While our general policy is to refrain from accepting news releases from for-profit companies, exceptions may be made for content primarily of scientific nature.


We welcome news release submissions but cannot guarantee the posting of all received releases. Our selection process aims to feature content most relevant and interesting to our readers, emphasizing new research findings tied to peer-reviewed journal articles or descriptions of noteworthy research projects. Typically, we avoid releases related to grant awards, appointments, honors, meeting notices, or administrative announcements unless the primary focus is on the scientific aspects.

Editorial Style

We strive to preserve the original intent of news releases when posted on SHUMI Coin, minimizing substantial edits. However, for clarity and consistency, we reserve the right to make necessary changes. This may include correcting spelling and grammatical errors, while maintaining country-specific spelling styles in the main body of the text. Headlines and summaries are routinely rewritten for clarity, with a commitment to retaining the release’s submitted version.

Clarifications, Corrections, and Retractions

In the event that a post requires correction due to factual errors or omissions, we encourage public information officers or researchers to contact us promptly. While researchers mentioned in a release can directly reach out to us, we recommend contacting their public information offices to ensure corrections extend beyond SHUMI Coin. Readers and interested third parties are also invited to report errors, with minor corrections handled internally. However, substantial changes requested by third parties typically require collaboration with the original sources. In cases where individuals or groups dispute research findings, we advocate for direct communication with the original sources. As a standard practice, changes to SHUMI Coin’s posts are made if the original source agrees to the modification.

In rare instances, SHUMI Coin may retract a post from the website, especially if a study has been retracted by a journal or if there are serious concerns regarding research integrity. Retractions aim to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and credibility in the information we present to our audience.

By adhering to these guidelines, we strive to uphold the integrity and reliability of the content featured on SHUMI Coin, ensuring that our readers receive accurate and valuable insights into the realm of cryptotechnologies, modern encryption technologies, and IT security.